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First "Ripple" Work Experience Project successfully completed

Congratulations to our brilliant participants who have just handed over a completely revamped training room to our happy pro bono client Fresh Start Future Enterprises, a charity supporting ex-offenders in Norfolk.

Over the last eight weeks, a group of Rippleacts coachees were busy.

Really busy.

Their work included laying new flooring, redecorating the walls including feature design in brand colours, plastering the ceiling, and assembling new furniture, a projector screen, lighting and plants. Aside from the “hands-on” maintenance tasks, participants also contributed to project planning, budgeting, purchasing goods, as well as photo documentation and reporting.

The project was led by local maintenance firm 247 Residential and entirely free of charge for our client. It was completed on time, successfully and with 100% attendance of the team. The results are shown below.

Jamie Barnes, Fresh Start's Operations Manager stated:

“From the moment they started these guys were absolutely fantastic to work with. They were always respectful and very flexible; and they came up with a design that perfectly met our needs. The finished product was even better than we had imagined!”

Our participants improved both their self-confidence and wellbeing following their participation. One of them expressed: “It was an amazing course, and everyone was a joy to work with. I learnt a lot of things which I am grateful for the opportunity given. My outlook is a lot more positive than it has been in a long time due in large part to all recent activities and the great help from Rippleacts!”

Get in touch here if you are a Norfolk-based non-profit organisation and you would like to apply to benefit from one of our next projects; or if you are interested in sponsoring one of our next projects.

See more information on our upcoming coaching course here.



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