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About Us

"We are all just walking each other home"
Ram Dass

Rippleacts is a Norwich-based social venture working with long-term unemployed people who wish to make a positive change to their lives. Following an evidence-based approach, we help our participants to overcome deeply ingrained personal barriers, and get back to work step by step.


We do this with a combination of cognitive-behavioural coaching, project work, accompanied work experience and peer-mentoring. As part of this journey, we support local charities with small hands-on projects, helping our clients unlock their skills for the benefit of their local community. In doing so, we create a chain of far-reaching positive ripple effects.

Our Values

The way we work is strongly aligned with our five key values:


We believe that following what gives us meaning is essential to live a happy, healthy life. We help our clients to live purposefully and in accordance with their personal values.


Our work is based on the fact that as humans we constantly change and develop over our whole life time. It is never too late to learn something new, change a habit, chase a dream or overcome a fear.


Everything we do is driven by deep empathy and compassion for our participants. We acknowledge that we can't walk in someone else's shoes. Everyone has their own story, background, strengths and vulnerabilities, and will act accordingly. 


We believe that good things happen when we dare to be our true, honest selves. In our work, we create safe spaces for our participants to become aware of their real goals, dreams and obstacles, and open up to others.


Feeling connected with others is a key element for mental wellbeing. We help our participants recognise themselves in others and create meaningful connections, using their own wisdom and lived experience to support each other on the way.

Dr. Verena Niyadurupola
Founder & CEO

 I’m a sociologist who has specialised in the evaluation of social impact.

Originally from Germany, I worked in international development projects

in Latin America, Europe and the UK for over 10 years, and advised organisations such as Oxfam and the UN labour agency (ILO).

I then changed my focus to follow my passion of supporting people

to live their vocation. I completed a PhD in labour studies/work psychology and trained as a life coach, while publishing and practising successful strategies to tackling unemployment. I have since mentored and advised people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including start-up entrepreneurs, long-term unemployed, refugees and ex-offenders.

I love human nature in its diversity, light and shadow, strength and vulnerability. I'm convinced that small changes on our pathway can

have big ripple effects, and that tomorrow we might already be in
a place we never imagined.

I enjoy helping people to recognise their inner beauty, unlock their potential and live a fulfilled life - both professionally and personally.

Rippleacts is where my skills, personal experience and passion

come together to offer a different type of support, in order to tackle one of society's biggest challenges.

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