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Small actions can create big ripple effects; and we would not be able to do what we do on our own. We are deeply grateful to our growing network of collaborating individuals, businesses and organisations, who contribute their resources, time and skills to help make a difference.

Some of them are introduced in more detail below.


With over 25 years’ experience as a teacher and practitioner of natural therapeutic movement (Qigong) and mindfulness, Deniz is passionate about improving the lives of others through his work.

Deniz is the founder of Move Life Better (Qigong and Mindful Living) and  the founder, developer and master trainer of the Award Winning IQ for Health programme. His clients include the NHS, Bentley Motors, Mondelez International and Naked Wines. Deniz' help and guidance has been instrumental for developing the embodiment component of our coaching programme.

Deniz Paradot

Qi Gong Teacher & Author


Joe is an EMDR (Europe) Approved Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and a senior accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

For more than 20 years, he has provided trauma-based treatments to people seeking trauma-based interventions to address recent or early-life difficult experiences.


Joe McKearney

Trauma Counsellor


Jon has over 20 years experience using evidence to inform decisions and influence strategy within government, private and third sectors. He is currently Chief Economist at Pro Bono Economics, an organisation helping charities and other purposeful organisations to understand and articulate their impact. Jon is strategically advising Rippleacts on our impact measurement approach, including the gathering and analysis of evidence, and how to quantify and monetise our social value.

Jon Franklin



Tracey is a qualified professional kinesiologist, trainer and life coach.  She offers coaching, looking at the areas that her clients want to enhance and develop for their happiness, growth and wellbeing.  She can support this individual work with kinesiology which uses simple and straight forward techniques to help her clients tap into their own energy and gain insight on any blocks or beliefs that might be holding them back. 

Tracey Chaplin

Kinesiologist & Coach


Julie is a certified and accredited Life Coach & NLP Practitioner helping people make positive change in their lives.

She offers a warm, encouraging space for her clients to work through confidence issues, life changes & personal challenges, career shifts and more. She helps her clients overcome any fears or limiting beliefs and move confidently towards their dreams.

Julie Friel

Life Coach & NLP Practitioner


Rhishai is a Project Manager within the fast paced, high pressure Consumer Goods industry. She understands the struggle of trying to achieve a healthy work life balance. As a life coach, she says:

"I value authenticity and compassion, so will always tell you how it is, while empathizing with your current situation. Together we can bring more serenity into your life and establish healthier boundaries.

I will hold your hand as you embark on your journey to success, but give you a kick up the bum, if needed."

Rhishai Mais

Life Coach


Lisa is a Certified & Accredited Life Coach specialising in Personal Development, Transformational and Grief Coaching. Lisa helps individuals who feel stuck to gain clarity, confidence, healthy habits, and more.  As a Grief Coach, Lisa knows all too well how painful loss can be. Grief through death as well as loss of relationships, community, dreams, and more.  Lisa creates a safe space for individuals to process their pain without judgement. She provides the tools necessary for clients to rebuild and create a beautiful life around the loss(es).

Lisa Heacock

Grief Coach

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