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New Ripple Project launch: Free support for Norfolk-based non-profit organisations

Expressions of interest are now open for our next Ripple Project, where we will deliver an agreed work package for a local non-profit organisation completely for free.

Our long-term unemployed participants have a range of skills that are currently not used. Putting those skills in practice with a tangible result empowers them, while doing good for their local community. The ripple effect!

We therefore run regular Ripple Projects, where our participants, with professional guidance and supervision, deliver an agreed product to a local non-profit organisation over the course of approximately two months.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

- Renovating and equipping a venue for a charitable purpose

- Tidying and re-designing an outdoor area

- Building a shed

- Organising a creative event

- .....

All required materials and labour will be covered by Rippleacts.

We are open to discussing any ideas. Basic selection criteria for our projects are:

  1. We look to benefit non-profit organisations based in Norfolk

  2. We aim to create a clearly tangible outcome that we can celebrate together at the end.

  3. The project needs to be feasible to be completed within approx. two months by a group of non-specialised volunteers under professional supervision and leadership.

  4. Tasks should ideally be versatile, to harness the variety of skills and interests of our volunteers.

Read about our previous project creating a stylish training venue for Fresh Start Future Enterprises here.

Expressions of interest for our next project are now open until Friday 20th October. To share your interest and ideas, please complete this short form here.

For any questions, please contact us here or via

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